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LMZ took the spotlight in “China Run” with “fire engine”


A few days ago, the Guangzhou Stop of “China Run” sponsored by LMZ came to a successful conclusion. A LMZ product “fire engine” attracted a lot of attention while it drove to the starting point of the race area. Over 4000 people took part in running and a series of fun activities, and contestants also received a gift package of LMZ oral care products.

“Fire engine” brought excitement to somatosensory sports

The “fire engine” created by LMZ drove into the race area in Haixinsha before 8:00 to help contestants get rid of oral inflammation and reduce tooth pain. The creative design of the fire engine and intuitive efficacy appeals attracted a lot of contestants and audiences, who came to watch and make inquiries. The sample sacks were quickly snapped up.  Many contestants went to the large somatosensory game machine next to the LMZ product display area to warm up for Olympic sports such as sprint, discus, javelin, long jump, and hurdling. The contestants with a sprint score of less than 11 seconds also received a toothpaste gift box signed by LMZ’s spokesman and Best TV actor Zhang Jiayi. Everyone was having great fun.

Creative back stickers added fun to the race

In order to make the race really fun, the company prepared some creative back stickers with a conspicuous LMZ logo and product images, as well as interesting words such as “I am too good-looking. Please make a detour”, and “Stop chasing me, I am married”. 150 fun back stickers which were snapped up by the contestants added fun to the race. The LMZ brand array consisting of handsome pain-relieving swordsmen and pretty Yao girls became a beautiful scenery on the race track.

Sharing the LMZ spirit of health and fashion

At the end of the race, Luo Huaiyu, the company’s assistant president and general manager of the Daily Chemicals Department, presented the awards to the contestants as a guest. Mr. Luo said that the reason why LMZ sponsored this running activity was because the marathon spirit is essentially in line with the LMZ spirit.  As a sports event with a long history, marathon advocates a healthy attitude towards life, with youthful energy. Meanwhile, marathon also advocates persistence, which is consistent with LMZ’s core brand values of “inheritance, health and fashion”. LMZ is committed to the research and application of traditional Chinese medicines. By virtue of its persistence and innovation, it shows endless vitality and energy under the new historical context.


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